Vertical Implications of Enterprise Attention Management

December 7, 2006 at 7:28 am | Posted in Attention Management | Leave a comment

Up until now I have focsed on the horizontal (across all industries) aspects of Enterprise Attention Management (EAM), but there are industry-specific aspects of EAM that are worth exploration as well.

  • Healthcare: Page D1 of the Wall St. Journal for 11/29/06 has an article on cutting down on mistakes in the healthcare industry. Many of the issues discussed come down to attention management issues – pulling important messages forward, getting someone further down the chain of care to pay attention to important information, and enabling searching for patient information. I haven’t found an industry yet that needsEAM more than healthcare. In my personal experience with a family member with cancer, I’ve noticed a frightening lack of ability to pull important information forwards to the attention of attending physicians and nurses and very little ability to proactively search for relevant information records.
  • Restaurant and hospitality: I did a consulting project with a restaurant chain earlier this year that pointed out the unique challenges of EAM in franchised industries. Since the franchisees are independant business owners, there are tax, legal, and governance limitations on communication. Making franchisees and their employees aware of important information (for example, the details of a promotion) can be very difficult.
  • Government: A federal government client a spoke with emphasized the difficulties in both information overload and inability to bring attention to important messages given the decentralized nature of many government agencies.

If anyone out there has knowledge of the unique challenges of pulling information forward and pushing information back in a particular industry, please drop me a line – I’d love to hear more!


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