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January 2, 2007 at 11:05 am | Posted in social software, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Happy New Year! As a fun way to start 2007, I’m blogging on a fiction article published in the Chicago Reader’s annual fiction issue. The short story, “Michael Estrada, World’s Greatest Internet Author”, is a riff on the perils of being too attached to social ranking mechanisms like Amazon’s author rankings.

I know from my blogging experience here it is tempting to watch the stats too closely. I suspect huge inaccuracies in the reporting of real traffic that I care about (not robots, not people who landed here by accident and left quickly, etc.). As an example, I got a large spike in traffic recently that I traced to winning top mention in a “hot posts” site. That would be nice, except the thumbnail of this blog next to the text showed a small, blurry image of an adult website. No doubt those readers were mighty disappointed when they got here. Incidentally, all the rest of the “hot posts” had the correct thumbnails so the site seems legit – just not sure why it screwed up on my site.

Full disclosure: I will admit here that in 1987, I submitted a reader response card to Computer Gaming World for a game I had written. It was just one card and I didn’t give myself all 5’s. And it didn’t help much – the raters that month were not entirely kind …

1 Comment

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