The KM Business Case: Table of Contents

April 24, 2007 at 1:14 pm | Posted in business case, collaboration | Leave a comment

I’ve just completed a chunk of travel and am diving back into my report on business cases.  It was democratically determined by my team that I’ll be focusing on business cases for collaboration (not really in the generic sense, but any number of technologies, projects, or organizational changes related to collaboration that involve technology) rather than KM.  That’s fine with me – just as I don’t mean my report to cover collaboration generically, I never meant it to cover KM generically either.  My findings will be quite applicable to other discplines that often support KM-type efforts like content management and portal as well.

I thought I’d post up the working set of headings that I recommend could be in a business case for collaboration.  I say “could” because this is a laundry list of what could go into the case, but it would probably obscure the point to put them all in.  The trick is to go for the path of least resistance – pick the sections that best make your argument and that the approver of the business case is most responsive to.

  • Scope and methodology
  • Relations to other business cases or initiatives (linked or nested business cases)
  • Analysis of past and present business environment and trends
  • Alignment to business objectives
  • Analysis of information worker enablement
  • Expected change in information worker productivity
  • Competitive analysis (IT spending survey, etc).
  • Examples of past use cases
  • Examples of future use cases
  • Financial analysis:
    • Expected change in cash outflow / expenses (discounted over time) with proposal:
    • Expected change in cash outflow / expenses (discounted over time) status quo:
    • Expected change in cash inflow / revenues (discounted over time) with proposal:
    • Expected change in cash inflow / revenues (discounted over time) status quo:
    • Financial analysis
  • Metrics and criteria for success

I’ll have another section on meta-business case arguments that attempt to rethink the basic business case model at a different spot in the report.  If there are any methods you’ve seen work in business cases that aren’t on here, please drop me a comment and let me know.


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