You Want Me To Shut Down? Is That the Opposite of Shutting Up? Ha!

August 6, 2007 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Fun | Leave a comment

So my laptop still blows up randomly and my word processor crashes, but at least my computer will now be able to laugh at me and make up puns? And somehow a device that only laughs at one specific type of joke is going to be less annoying?

Julia Taylor and Lawrence Mazlack of the University of Cincinnati in Ohio have built a computer program or “bot” that is able to get a specific type of joke – one whose crux is a simple pun. They say this budding cyber wit could lend a sense of humour to physical robots acting as human companions or helpers, which will need to be able to spot jokes if they are to be accepted and not just annoy people. The bot is also teasing apart why some people laugh at a joke, such as the one above, when most just groan.

This probably won’t get too far. In Star Trek Next Generation when Captain Picard said “Fire at will!” did Data laugh and shoot at Commander Will Riker?  No he didn’t, so the computer that likes puns must have disappeared from the timeline.

Source: Sharing a joke could help man and robot interact – tech – 01 August 2007 – New Scientist Tech


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