Top 100 analyst blogs List Released by Technobabble 2.0

October 8, 2007 at 7:15 am | Posted in Analyst biz | 1 Comment

Congratulations to my teammates (#16,19, 54) and companywide coworkers (21,33,30,56,68) that placed in the Top 100 analyst blogs according to Technobabble 2.0.  Alas, I did not make the list this time around, but it did get me introspecting a bit about blogging now that I’ve been doing it for a year.  Part of me doesn’t care what my readership or rankings are, but another part of me does.  I’ve let each half of my brain write up its reasoning below:

Why I Don’t Care About My Blog Rankings

  • I do this for personal fulfillment.  I enjoy the opportunity that a public journal offers me to share my thoughts.  And the process of assembling one’s thoughts is cathartic.  If someone finds it valuable too, that’s a bonus.  Accordingly, I do this for me first and trust my readership to self-select themselves rather than targeting readers and trying to write for them.
  • The stats are not always accurate.  Bloggers (especially those whose rankings drop) frequently complain about time lag, distortions, and inaccuracies in the statistics.
  • Quantity of readers doesn’t equal quality of readers.  A thoughtful reader or industry heavyweight may be worth much more than someone who doesn’t care about your topic and subscribed to it once on a whim.  When I see I had a large number of hits on my blog, but the details show it was a lot of clicks on a Dilbert cartoon I pasted in my excitement dims quickly.
  • Quantity of readers doesn’t equal quality of authorship.  There is a perpetual debate in other realms of discretion about whether popularity indicates quality (e.g., Hollywood movies vs. indie films, Stag’s Leap cabernet vs. small batch unknowns, Norah Jones vs. jazz singers only known to aficionados).  There’s some correlation, but no guarantee.  And some topics garner disproportionate attention.
  • The entries I write in my blog are just pre-work – a scratchpad of content that can be reused when I write reports at a future date.

Why I Care About My Blog Rankings

  • It makes my professional life easier.  Regardless of the true value of the rankings, software vendors place some stock in them.  That means when you have an urgent question or want a timely (preferably before the public) briefing on something new, it will happen much quicker and easier if you are seen by them as relevant.  Some prospective clients are probably beginning to place value in them as well when it comes time to select where to spend their industry analysis budget.
  • It feels good when your creative work is appreciated and encourages you to continue.  I have always felt this way about my other creative endeavors (music composition, woodworking, photography) and blogging is no different in that regard.
  • I am a product of our culture.  I think very few people growing up in modern, Western society can feel free of the desire to excel above others and exhibit the outward manifestations of success.  I feel I’m usually pretty good about not letting this artificial measure of self-worth dominate my thoughts or actions, but when I do a thought experiment of whether I’d feel good if I had rated highly I admit I would have.  How do I know that validation through superfluous numerical rankings is prevalent in our society?  Because it was on The Simpsons!  As Lisa Simpson says when her school is closed due to a teacher’s strike in The PTA Disbands!  :

[Jumping up and down to get Marge’s attention] Look at me! Grade me! Evaluate and rank me! I’m good, good, good and oh so smart! [drops to her knees] Grade meeeeee!!

In summary, I don’t see a dominant argument here.  I think we all simultaneously strive to be self-actualized people (whose internal drive and sense of self-worth precludes external validation) as well as social animals (whose worldview is shaped by others and who strive to be alpha members of the pack).  But if one side wins out over the other then, as a reader of this blog, you’ll be the first to know.


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