Network, Analysis, Collaboration Fall Conference Notes

October 18, 2007 at 2:13 pm | Posted in 1652, collaboration, Content Management | Leave a comment

I’m sure all of you out there in blogland are wondering where Craig Roth was this week.  Was I at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas this week for the IBM Information on Demand conference?  Nope.  Snug and comfy in my bed in my hometown of Chicago for the Lotus Collaboration Summit?  Nope.  Moline, Illinois.  It’s actually a pretty drive about 3 hours west of Chicago and I got to present and co-host a roundtable at a good event called the Network, Analysis, Collaboration Fall Conference.  The issues they are working through and problems they are encountering resonate well with what I’ve been hearing from other large organizations.  Here are my notes:

  • A security working group came up with a list of critical questions they are dealing with at the intersection of security and communication/collaboration
    • Who determines classification of information?
    • Can you selectively encrypt outgoing communications?
    • How do you deal with partners who have much more or less stringent security than you?
    • Their current efforts revolved around setting policies, education, and defining the need for data classification (determining what counts as confidential)
  • A Collaboration and content working group presented their findings
    • Two companies reported severe difficulty unifying content repositories.  One manufacturing company had 28 different repositories.  Another, an insurance company, had tried to consolidate and failed since it was difficult to communicate to users which to repository they should use
    • There were concerns about how to determine what counts as a “record” for records management retention purposes
    • Two companies said they evaluated the new XML file formats that are the default storage mechanism for Office 2007 and decided to to switch it back to the old format and not XML since they are not ready for it yet
  • A large Big 10 university did a presentation on their collaboration challenges
    • A university is unique in terms of their turnover.  They have 10k user turnover per year as students graduate, which places unusual burden on provisioning, training, etc.
    • Students feel entitled to email and calendaring and have it integrated with their devices
    • The students are amateur integrators too, trying to embed one service inside another
    • They did a study of the pros/cons of outsourcing.
    • Pros of outsourcing for collaboration: cost savings, redirect scarce resources, richer environment, better agility, larger disk quota, SaaS, more functionality
    • Cons are lack of control, availability, security/privacy/IP, support and response, viability, portability, records mgmnt
    • Their security issues list is topped by identity management, privacy, integrity, availability, data mining (FERPA), and profiling
    • They looked at using Google apps, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point because they couldn’t guarantee Google wouldn’t roll over if asked by the government for information and couldn’t handle FERPA regulations

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