Can I Catch the 2:05 Technology Train at the Globalization Station? Sorry, You Just Missed Constant Partial Attention …

January 9, 2008 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Attention Management, Globalization, portals, virtual worlds | Leave a comment

For the end of the year, Ross Dawson published a map of trends across society in 2007, based on a train system map. I find Ross’s map of trends to be very interesting for what it says (and doesn’t say) about the areas I cover as an industry analyst: globalization, attention management, and portals.


Globalization is dead center in the middle of the trend graph.  It has 3 lines connecting it to anxiety compared to only 2 lines to happiness (or does the yellow train stop there?).  From my point of view though (content globalization) I noticed that the technology line does not connect to globalization.  But the core thesis of my research into content globalization is that the trend is for information technology’s intersection with globalization is rising rapidly due to enabling technology in the form of enterprise content management, XML standards, and component-oriented content.

Attention management is on the chart in the form of “too much information”.  It is shown as tantalizingly close to “resource scarcity”, which would have formed an interesting parallel to water scarcity and to the orange line below (constant partial attention, slowing down).  I happen to think those are inexorably connected to “too much information”.

Portals get interesting placement in the “personalization” hub in the lower left of the chart.  No less than 7 trains run through that hub including on-demand, fragmentation, wisdom of crowds, constant partial attention, and online medical records.

A fourth area I cover, virtual worlds, didn’t seem to get placement.  Unless it’s counted under “escapism”.  Or “boredom” …

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