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February 20, 2008 at 10:56 am | Posted in Content Management, Globalization, Podcasting | 2 Comments

I’m happy to say that after a whole lot of interviewing, writing, and document reviews in the fall/winter of 2007 my report ECM for Translation and Localization: Raising IT’s Globalization Fluency was finally published at the end of January.  I’d like to thank all the clients and vendors that gave me their time to tell me about what they are seeing from their vantage point on the globalization market and, along with my teammates, gave me their comments during peer review. 

The report is only available to clients of the Collaboration and Content Strategies service, but I’ve also done a series of podcasts and accompanying blog entries that summarize the report.  The podcasts/blog is available for free.  I’ve attached the details and links below.  Please let me know what you think by commenting here or in the blog companion entries.  Enjoy!

What IT needs to know about content globalization, localization, and translation

Part 1: Repeatable content globalization: Ignore it at your peril

The first part of this podcast series describes why globalization, and in particular its impact on content management, is going to be so important for organizations and why information technology and IT departments have a role to play.

     Download: [mp3]   [blog companion]

Part 2: Content Globalization 101 in twenty minutes

In part 2 Craig Roth discusses background information on globalization to assist people coming up to speed on globalization or looking for rationale for our analysis. Part 2 gives a quick overview of topics such as globalization terms, where to find linguistic trend data for a particular region, some important standards for content globalization, and a brief overview of code internationalization.

     Download: [mp3]   [blog companion]

Part 3: Content globalization: Do the big vendors care?

In part 3, Craig Roth dives into what big vendors are doing concerning content globalization and where they really care. And what does vendor support mean to the software market and how will buyers be impacted.

     Download: [mp3]   [blog companion]

Part 4: What IT can and should do

Part 4 describes five things that IT can do about content globalization.

     Download: [mp3]   [blog companion]



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