Content Globalization 101

February 26, 2008 at 1:30 pm | Posted in Content Management, Globalization, Podcasting | 1 Comment

I’m happy to report that response has been strong for my podcast series on content globalization (well over 600 downloads in less than 2 weeks!), which confirms for me that there is real interest in IT for learning more about the intersection of enterprise content management and globalization/localization.

There was also a curious finding in the download stats.  I looked at downloads by part and had assumed part 1 would have the most downloads since people start there and then get distracted, busy, or bored and don’t continue.  On the contrary, part 2 had the highest hit rate (about a third of all downloads).  That’s the “globalization 101 in twenty minutes” one – kind of the quick primer without any real opinions thrown in.  To me this shows the content globalization market is at a very early stage and IT folks are hungry just to get their hands around it and figure out what it is.  And before you smart-aleks say it really shows that no one wants my opinion, the next most popular podcast was #4 (26% of downloads), which is “what IT can and should do …”.

If you didn’t see my previous posting about the podcast series, here’s a link to my blog entry that has links to the podcast pages that have links to the podcasts.  Luckily I don’t pay by the link.  Seriously though, sorry about all the linking but each step provides a bit of additional detail for you.


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  1. Very informative posts on content globalization! Shows that making your content readable around the world is a lot harder than you think. But definitely worth it in the end! Thanks for the helpful content.

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