New SharePoint Workshop and Early Bird Discount

March 19, 2008 at 9:19 am | Posted in Microsoft SharePoint | Leave a comment

I wanted to mention that we are doing another SharePoint workshop on April 1st and 2nd in Boston.  You can find all the details (and register) on the website

This time around we have two separate workshops (you can register for either or both).  The day one workshop is much like the old workshop, but without the implementation-related material which means more time for the capabilities.  The day two workshop is now a full day of infrastructure planning and governance.

I’ll be there along with Karen Hobert and special guests Guy Creese, Peter O’Kelly, Larry Cannell, and Mike Gotta (“scheduled to appear” as they used to say as a caveat in corny promos).  This is a great place to get unbiased advice about SharePoint.  Burton Group does not do implementation, vendor-sponsored research, or vendor-sponsored workshops.  So these workshops include a lot of information about what SharePoint doesn’t do well, where the pitfalls are, and how it stacks up to products from other vendors.

Day One: Understanding Microsoft SharePoint v3/2007 in Context

This workshop provides a strategic, enterprise-level assessment of SharePoint’s capabilities and implications. It is designed for organizations seeking to determine if, when, and to what extent SharePoint should play a role in their collaboration and content infrastructure.

Day Two: Microsoft SharePoint Infrastructure Planning and Governance

The 2007 release of SharePoint offers an important opportunity for implementers of earlier SharePoint releases to re-evaluate their often tactical, disorganized, and organic SharePoint environments, and to approach collaboration and content management design, governance, and deployment from a strategic, enterprise point of view.


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