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April 30, 2008 at 8:45 am | Posted in Attention Management | Leave a comment

For those of you in Chicago (who don’t plan to watch the Cubs-Reds game on May 5th) I wanted to let you know I’ll be speaking at the Technology Management Association of Chicago on Enterprise Attention Management in Arlington Heights, IL. Reception starts at 5pm, dinner at 6, and the presentation at 7. 

I’ve attached the description of my presentation below.  You can find out more and register at

Enterprise Attention Management:  Addressing Info-Stress and Information Overload

May 5th, 2008

Each beneficial new communication and collaboration technology, from wikis to blogs, brings with it the burden of one more channel that information workers, already suffering from information overload, must pay attention to. This presentation describes how attention overload is afflicting businesses and how enterprises can create an Enterprise Attention Management (EAM) strategy encompassing technology, policy, and culture to improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of information workers.
Issues this presentation will address include:

  • How attention fatigue is a gating factor for collaboration and communication projects.
  • How “Attention Management” acts as a lens to understand and address these effects on information workers.
  • How to define an EAM conceptual architecture to provide a unified view across attentional technologies.

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