Gen Z: First Observations

October 27, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Posted in Fun | Leave a comment

This is just a quick posting to let readers know this blog is on temporary hiatus while I’m on out on paternity leave with my new son Daniel, born on October 17th.  I’ve written many times before in this blog about how the information seeking and management behaviors of Gen Y kids (millennials) are impacting the workplace.  But now I’m getting my first experience with the next generation (Gen Z?).  I only have a small sample size here (n=6 lbs, 10 oz), but still I think I can extrapolate from what I’ve seen and provide some insight into how organizations can prepare to leverage the abilities of Gen Z.

Here are my conclusions so far about Gen Z:
1. Even shorter attention spans.  Much has been made of the short attention spans of Gen Y workers, who jump between multiple tasks, switch jobs at the drop of a hat, scan many documents rather than reading each one start to finish, etc.  But Gen Z seems to be distracted from even the most traumatic events by little sounds, funny faces, or swinging them around, although 10 seconds later they are back to crying again.

2. Even more casual.  Gen Y’ers have stated in surveys that they eschew the suit-and-tie formality of the workplace and instead want to be dressed comfortably.  From my experience, Gen Z takes this even further, often crying and flailing about when attempting to put any clothes on them.  Sometimes they even kick off whatever clothes you manage to snap on them.  I can predict that if Gen Y wants business casual, Gen Z will petition for full nudity in the office.

3. Sensitivity increases.  Gen Y’ers are noted as being the most coddled generation, requiring constant positive feedback or they will get upset.  Well, that’s nothing compared to Gen Z which tends to break into tears and screaming at the slightest (or even no) provocation.  I expect project meetings with Gen Z’ers to be long, raucous affairs with several breaks where distraught team members will need to be held by team leaders or have the vibration devices on their office swivel chairs turned on and rocked.

4. They’re awfully cute (see below).

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