When IBM Was Faced With 2 Options, They Picked #3

May 19, 2009 at 3:58 pm | Posted in IBM, Microsoft SharePoint, Notes/Domino, social software | Leave a comment

Good posting from Mike Gotta on IBM’s nice, but too late integration point between Connections and SharePoint.  Mike says that if he was picking directions for IBM he would have “prioritized deep integration with SharePoint”.  I agree entirely. 

Actually, as I mentioned in previous blog posts (like here and here) I think there were two angles to explore and IBM picked #3.  #1 is the “insanely great integration” that Mike describes.  #2 is a compete strategy if they think their social software is good enough to go head to head against SharePoint and knock it out of the running. 

What I do not feel was a real option was the “don’t say anything” option, also known as “wait and see” or “I’m sure clients will include us on head-to-head comparisons and POCs and figure it out themselves”.  Or “pretend Jive is your only competition”.  That’s option #3 and a non-starter in my book.

So I’m happy to see some effort coming out of IBM to address coexistence strategy, but I would like to see a more comprehensive strategy with technology, sales awareness, and marketing push (e.g., catchphrase and branding such as ConnectPoint, brochures, maybe even a sliver of the Lotus advertising budget) behind it.  If it’s not too late to pull that together.


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