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Our Catalyst conference in San Diego is just over two weeks away now and I’m looking forward to this annual gathering of my co-workers at Burton Group, clients, vendors, industry luminaries, and users of technology.  Guy Creese and I will be giving our one day, advanced SharePoint workshop there (Tuesday, July 28, 2009) and there are still some slots open (it sold out when we gave this workshop in Scottsdale last year).  This is the first time it’s been offered at Catalyst North America and is separate material (only about 10 minutes of overlap) from the “Understanding Microsoft SharePoint v3/2007 in Context” workshop that we still offer as a private onsite workshop. 

Governance is the largest section of the workshop, but I also want to point out the “SharePoint as an enterprise solution” section which applies an ITIL v3 model to SharePoint to structure our advice on offering SharePoint as a service rather than just dumping raw infrastructure on your users and divisional IT departments.

See the Catalyst website for more details.

SharePoint 2007: The Current Governance Nightmare—and Will It Get Better?

Craig Roth, and Guy Creese

SharePoint 2007 has been a runaway success, offering Office-centricity and ease-of-use to workers interested in storing and sharing information. However, its ease-of-use is also a snare and a delusion, in many cases fostering uncontrolled proliferation of thousands of SharePoint sites that have different navigation, taxonomy, and security models.

This workshop addresses SharePoint infrastructure planning and governance issues as well as the future of SharePoint with these modules:

  • SharePoint as an enterprise solution
  • SharePoint governance
  • SharePoint security
  • Deployment pre-work
  • Adoption of SharePoint in the enterprise
  • The future of SharePoint and a glimpse at Office 14

This just in: All attendees to the workshop will receive a free poster on “Creating a SharePoint Statement of Governance” that provides a handy reference to the section-by-section walkthrough I’ll be doing on how to create a SharePoint SOG.  This handsome poster is about 2.5 by 3.5 feet, full color, on thick paper:

SP governacne poster

Note: This is a cross-posting from the Collaboration and Content Strategies blog.



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  1. Hi Craig,

    Since it will be pretty hard to attend at the workshop I was wondering if you also have a digital copy of that poster to give away or sell. Good luck with the workshops, looks pretty interesting to me!


    • Thanks for asking. I checked around, and we’re not set up to sell the posters. For now, it’s just an enticement to get people into the workshop.

  2. Hello Craig,

    Although we didn’t cover the governance of SharePoint customization during the workshop (it’s listed in the booklet), I would like to have a quick advice from you in regard to the integration between Vignette (as publishing) and SharePoint (collaborations). Thanks.

    • Sure, can you send me an email to the email address listed on the front of the book you got with the workshop with some more details about what you’re integrating and which parts of Vignette and SharePoint you’re using? Thanks.

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