Microsoft Posts Profit Decrease, Ford in the Green for 4Q: Bizarro World Finance

July 24, 2009 at 11:58 am | Posted in Fun, Microsoft | Leave a comment

Does this feel like you’ve stepped into an alternate reality when you open the Wall St. Journal and the top 2 stories on the Marketplace page are “Microsoft Profit Skids 29%” and “Ford Navigates Path to Profitability”?  Gotta love the automotive analogy with “skids” vs. “navigates”.

BTW – I haven’t checked the historical quarterly data, but I don’t think a quarterly loss on OS right before a new version of Windows comes out is unusual (although 29% may be high).  This is the time of the highest expenses (as all hands are on deck for development and marketing expenses are gearing up) and lowest revenue (as buyers hold off until the new version).  Same goes for Office (down 13%) right before the new version of Office 2010 comes out in the first half of 2010. Still, Microsoft’s expectations were off.

Online you can see the stories, although not the comparative “skids” vs. “navigates” in the titles and telling downward red arrows for Microsoft and a green bar for Ford.  Here’s the link (but it’s only good for today, Friday 7/24/09 since it updates the the current day’s headlines each day).

MSFT down FORD up


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