Information Overload Movie Clip

August 25, 2009 at 10:29 am | Posted in Attention Management, communication, Fun, Information Work | Leave a comment

Picture this situation: a businessperson on a plane checks her email inbox on her laptop and finally goes bonkers at how the emails keep piling up and never end.  The constrained ability to move on the plane and similar lack of control over incoming email leads to a sudden desire to escape.  A nearby passenger tries to shake this woman to her senses, but then another passenger wants to try too.  Now, here comes a professional information overload pundit!  The pundit comes over to shake her up and try to get her to snap out of it by realizing what “we” are doing to “ourselves” with this constant need to communicate.  But then more pundits show up – a book author here, a consultant there, a blogger/columnist next – all trying to outdo themselves on how to shake this woman to her senses.

Well, you don’t need to picture this in your head.  Just click on the link below for an accurate recreation of this event.

Get a Hold of Yourself!

Get a Hold of Yourself!

Calm Down! Get a Hold of Yourself!

Yeah, it’s just like that.  While they all seem to want to help, the sheer mass of them and desire to out-shake the last pundit makes them seem a bit too gleeful for the opportunity to slap her around.  It’s not tough to slap someone around on information overload – most people are guilty of poor attention management processes and most people feel info-stress from time to time.  It turns out, it’s so easy to slap people around on information overload that it’s actually fun – even cathartic! If only her seatmate would have tried to talk to her instead of slapping her down, this might have ended better …


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