Oracle WebLogic Portal Keynote

October 12, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Oracle, portals | Leave a comment

I was interested to hear the messaging to the audiences of the “other” portals that Oracle still sells, even though WebCenter is the annointed portal.  This was an issue that bookeneded the presentation.  At the beginning, there was a slide for people entering the room clarifying “This presentation is about WebLogic Portal. Not the product Oracle calls “Oracle Portal” …”.  At the end Josh addressed the relationship to WebCenter.  The official answer is that WebCenter can add in collaboration and portlets.  That doesn’t ring true to me as it’s not like BEA didn’t build that into their product and nothing has been removed.  When an audience member asked which portal to use in his case (“a customer-facing portal”).  The answer was “it depends … WebCenter is an umbrella term … leverage common services … not one or the other”. 

Josh Lannin described how the new version will have better drag and drop and better organization of the portlet library.  Simplification of the huge API set using controls (started in 8.1) and REST (10.2).  Will now REST-enable the user profiles.  Nice, but not earth shattering. There will be CMIS support to get at content, which is more RESTful and subscribeable. 

On the development front there will be a new “Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse”.  It’s a set of free plugins for Eclipse.  He pushed the JSR286 standard since it works well with new UI frameworks like JSF, struts, webflow.  The IDE will have good JSR286 functionality including what he called “upgrade from jsr 168”.  Neat – I haven’t heard about that before.  And needed since it’s not like developers are creating jsr 286 portlets right now.  They’ll add more of the WSRP 2.0 optional specs too, like coordination, resource serving, and consumer control over navigation.

There will also be increased “Oracle-ization” (my spell checker is flagging that word).  Cute way of describing the security and internationalization standards that are required of their products.


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