Oracle World Keynote

October 12, 2009 at 7:09 pm | Posted in Oracle | Leave a comment

Hello from San Francisco, where I’m attending the first few days of Oracle World ’09.  I got a good briefing in June (blogged here), and didn’t hear much new, so my postings will be more commentary than lists of features.

Today’s kick-off keynote was content rich.  I mean it – no Olympic rhythmic gymnasts, no loud band, no dancing bears as it common at these big conferences. There was a factual discussion of what has been released by Oracle in the past year.  Still, after a difficult day getting to San Francisco, some dancing bears would have helped wake me up.  There may have been more fanfare last night for Larry Ellison, but I got in too late for that one. 

The keynote’s theme was “Art of the Possible”.  That phrase is a trimmed version of Otto Von Bismark’s line “Politics is the art of the possible.”  The presentation wasn’t about politics at all, but ironically they hit on a recurring theme in the portal, collaboration, and social software coverage we do.  Politics – cooperation across organizational boundaries, incentive systems, ownership – is what makes collaboration or social networking possible, or impossible.  Most of the difficulties with setting up governance around intranets or portals is politics and diplomacy.  Once the right political environment is in place, the technology can thrive.  Despite the title, that wasn’t what Charles Phillips and Safra Catz were talking about.  The coolest new thing they talked about was the Sun Oracle Database Machine, an attempt to demonstrate synergy with Sun and Oracle by combining hardware and software.  Time will tell if such an appliance is in high demand from organizations that have already figured out how to work with separate hardware and databases. 

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