SharePoint Management at Tech 2010

March 24, 2010 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Governance, Microsoft SharePoint | Leave a comment

Planning to be in L.A. in April? I’ll be speaking at the TEC 2010 conference in Los Angeles on April 26, 2010. Originally I was going to speak on SharePoint governance, as I’ve been doing since 2003. It’s still a topic that audiences want and need to hear about. But lots of organizations have made their first attempts at governance. So I’ve shifted to a presentation on SharePoint management instead to provide the next step.

There is lots of techie information on planning SharePoint management and operations, but I haven’t seen much conversation about a higher level framework for it. Here’s the description of the presentation:

What’s After Governance?  SharePoint as a Service
Craig Roth

Governance is an important first step in any SharePoint planning, but what happens after people, policy, and governance processes are determined?  That’s when the second pillar of SharePoint planning comes into play: management.  Craig Roth, author of a frequently cited definition of SharePoint governance, will describe what needs to happen after governance.  SharePoint as a service is an approach, based on ITIL, that recasts SharePoint as a catalog of business-focused services. In this presentation, Mr. Roth will discuss why treating SharePoint as a service is better (yields more value) and fundamentally different than simply providing a set of capabilities.


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